Napo Wild Life Center

The best Amazon tour available, Napo Wildlife Center the greatest luxury ecolodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon, located in the most biodiverse spot on earth!

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The NWC Amazon Lodge is an ecotourism project that protects and preserves over 82 square miles of pristine Amazon Rainforest within the Yasuni National Park, declared by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve. The Yasuní National Park, considered the largest region of tropical forest in Ecuador, is one of the most diverse areas in the World, so its conservation is vital not only for Ecuador but for the planet.

The Napo Wildlife Center is located on the banks of the Anangucocha Lake, within the unique and ancestral territory of the Kitchwa Anangu local Community, in the heart of the Yasuni National Park.
In the early 90’ members of the Kitchwa Anangu community envisioned building a lodge that could attract tourists from all parts of the World. This project would be an opportunity to provide jobs for the community and to protect their land and its wildlife. Back then, they built with great effort 4 cabins and a large main house for the dining room and the kitchen.

However, at that early stage they needed more money to finish the building which remained incomplete. They wanted to build a great infrastructure and be the greatest luxury hotel in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. This would be a place with first class facilities and accommodations that provide visitors with great comfort and offer them an intimate wildlife experience in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest.

Then, in 2000, with the support of several national and international organizations, the Napo Wildlife Center project was finally able to move forward. And the community’s dream became true. In 2004, thanks to the community initiative and the financial and technical assistance of different organizations, the Napo Wildlife Center was born and started to welcome visitors from all parts of the World.

Today, the Napo Wildlife Center is considered the first luxury Amazon lodge in Ecuador and the Anangu Community has been nationally and internationally recognized by guests and companies for its great organization and operation, service and for great experiences provided to guests.

The Anagu community is the greatest and finest example of community-based ecotourism. This project not only protects more than 82 square miles of pristine rainforest, but also makes it possible for the community to be auto sustainable, as all profits are for the members of the community and to build other projects for tourism, conservation, health and education.

Napo Wildlife Center lodge features an open-air main hall decorated with local handicrafts and 12 huge and spacious cabins that combines perfectly the traditional architecture and a luxury style.

All rooms at the lodge include:

  • King size and single beds.
  • A private Bathroom with hot water.
  • 24/7 electricity provided by a solar panels system and silent power generators.
  • Ceiling fans.
  • Screened windows and mosquito nests.
  • Safe deposit boxes.
  • Private balconies with stunning views to the lake and the surrounding forest.

For a romantic getaway, couples and honeymooners can choose one of the lodge exclusive suites that include extra services such as: a fully-equipped mini-bar, an internal living room and a Jacuzzi (only for suite 1).

Main Hall  
It is the central structure and the place where all meals are served It offers several comfortable social areas such as a restaurant, a bar, a reading lounge area with a library, a shopping boutique and a 19 meters tall observation tower.

The main hall features a 360° view of the Lake and the natural gardens and it is decorated with local artworks, hammocks and comfortable couches where you can relax while enjoying the views and natural sounds surrounding the lodge.

The dining room area is where all meals and drinks are served. The lodge gastronomy includes international to Ecuadorian local food –which we recommend you to try.

At the Napo Wildlife Center lodge your day starts with a wonderful buffet style breakfast. Recognized as one of the top restaurants in the region.

Dinning Observation Tower
Attached to the main hall, a 19 meters tall observation tower allows guests to admire the Anangu Lake and the natural gardens of the lodge home of different bird species, insects and other animals. Visitors are welcome to use the dining observation tower during their free time.

Electricity in the lodge is provided by hybrid systems such as solar panels and silent diesel engines that provide 24-hour electricity and have little impact on the environment. Also, the lodge has plenty of 110-volt outlets in the cabins and living room in case you need to recharge your batteries.

Running water
The NWC has a unique wastewater treatment system. Water for the bathrooms and kitchen at the lodge is taken from the lake and it undergoes on a purification system to avoid lake pollution. As for drinkable water, you can find it in a water dispenser in the main hall area. The idea is that you take a bottle and refill it everytime you wish trying to use as less plastic as possible.

First Aid
We provide visitors with first aid kits for excursions. Also, our excursion guides have basic medical training so they are capable of helping you in case of any emergency. For graver emergencies there is a heath center in the Community area.

The lodge boutique is a place where you can buy souvenirs and also personal care items. Also, at the interpretative centre there is a gift shop where you can by some handicraft made by women of the community.

The lodge has a library from which you can borrow a wide variety of books from biology, to conservation, literature, natural history, birds, etc. You can sit on our reading lounge and have a reading session. We suggest that you do not take to your rooms so other guests can have also the opportunity to use enjoy them

Napo Wildlife Center is equipped and maintained to cope with the most challenging conditions, manned by experienced and conscientious staff and expedition leaders who guarantee unmatched attention to your personal security.

Canoes used for daily shore landings are rugged and versatile, driven by experienced paddlers in a responsible manner. Fire extinguishers can be found in cabins, public areas, and staff and power rooms. HF radio and mobile phones are in contact with our operations office. In case of serious emergencies, we can call helicopter assistance for evacuation. For minor emergencies, a medical center lies 30 minutes away.

What to bring?
The Napo Wildlife Center provides rubber boots (up to US men’s size 11) and nylon rain ponchos free of charge to those guests who request them. You may choose to use your own boots or sneakers for forest hikes depending upon the conditions. Likewise, you may bring your own raingear.


  • Identity card and passport.
  • A small or medium baggage. Try to take only the necessary things to the lodge.
  • A backpack. Apart from your luggage take a comfortable backpack with you for the daily excursions around the forest, rivers and streams.
  • It is advisable that you take with you some medicines you in case of any pain.
  • Extra Money and cash. You will probably need it for bar bills and for handcraft purchases.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • A good quality camera. You would probably take photos of the outstanding landscapes you will have the opportunity to see.
  • Binoculars for bird watching and get a closer look to wildlife that inhabits the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

Clothing and Accesories:

  • Lightweight long pants (you can take 2 or three pairs)
  • Lightweight long-sleeved shirts (also two or three pairs)
  • T-shirts
  • Cotton socks (1 or 2 pairs per day)
  • Sandals (for being more comfortable when you are around the lodge)
  • A lightweight sweater or a jacket.
  • One or two pairs of short (for when you are around the hotel)


Premium Tour - 4 days / 3 nights

Day 1:
Departing from Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, a 30-minutes flight over the eastern Andes will take you to the jungle town of Coca. There, members of our staff will be waiting for you to give you warm welcome and take you to the Francisco de Orellana Port –which is only 5 minutes away from the airport. And here is where the real adventure begins! At the port you will get on a motorized canoe downstream the Napo River, the major tributary of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. During the trip, you will have the chance to see different birds such as kingfishers, herons and other and admire the incredible views of the Amazon jungle that opens before your eyes. A trip a box lunch will be provided.

After our two-hours ride along the Napo River, you will arrive at the NWC’s dock entrance where to take a short break to freshen up and use the restrooms. Then, we will continue our way to the lodge on paddle-canoes –motorized canoes are not allowed within the Napo territory. This majestic and peaceful dugout canoe ride a narrow stream will lead us to the Añangu Lake, where the hotel is.
Late in the afternoon, we will arrive to the Napo Wildlife Center where our staff will welcome you with drinks and show your rooms and other areas of the lodge.

Day 2:
Adventure at the Napo Wildlife Center begins early in the morning! In this second day at the premium Amazon Jungle tour you will presence one of the most incredible nature spectacles you will ever see: the parrot clay licks. It will only take us about an hour to get to the first parrot clay lick which is of easy access from the lodge. Once we get there, at about 7:30 or 8:30 am it will take just a few minutes for birds to show up. It is a real spectacle of colors, about 11 species of bird such as parrots, macaws and parakeets visit the clay licks every day to feed with the minerals that are concentrated in the soil.

Later on, we will hike along the forest trail to visit the Kichwa Añangu community to share time with the men, women and children of the community and learning about their every-day-life activities, routines and their ancestral customs and traditions. Then, we will say goodbye to the families and continue our adventure Then, we will go back to the creek and go hiking for 30 minutes throughout a Terra Firme forest until reaching the second parrot clay lick and repeat the experience of seeing a great variety of parrots, parakeets and macaws as you eat a delicious lunch our staff will provide you.
Late in the afternoon we will arrive back to the NWC to rest and enjoy from our lodge social areas and comfortable-luxury rooms.

Day 3:
A delicious breakfast will be served at the NWC restaurant early in the morning. After that, we will depart to the Canopy Observation Tower, a high platform from which you will get a close up view of the most amazing views of the jungle. The tower is about 30 minutes from the lodge within the terra forme forest.

This wooden platform of 36 meters high was built just next a huge and ancient Kapok tree. To get to the top you have to pass through different levels of the forest. Then, when you are finally there, the immensity and beauty of the Amazon jungle opens just before you. There are not enough words to describe it, you have to live it yourself!
Birds that are just virtually impossible to see from the jungle floor will pass right through you. Flocks of vibrantly colored tanagers, blue-and-yellow macaws and large toucans fly past in the early mornings and afternoons.

In the afternoon, after have lunch back in the Napo Wildlife Center, we will go deep into a terra firme trail to discover the beautiful and mysterious wildlife that hides in the forest interior. There are great possibilities to see lizards, different species of monkeys such as the endemic Golden Mantle Tamarin monkey, rare and unique insects and even some scary snakes! Also, we will take you to explore the black water Añangu Lake and streams that are home of different species of fish and mammals such as the Giant Otter, a unique specie from the Amazon.

Day 4:
ALast day, we will depart after an early breakfast to go back to Coca city and repeat the adventure to go out the way you came, a ride on a paddle-canoe to the docking area and then embarking on a motorize canoe to the jungle town.

During this last excursion the creek may reveal new sights of rare bird species and monkeys and a Giant Otter will possibly show up to good-bye you!

Extended Stay - 5 days / 4 nights

Day 1:
After a 30 minutes flight over the Andes mountain, you will get to Coca airport, located in the Amazon Basin. From this jungle town you will be be taken to Napo Wildlife Center private motorized canoes to start a boat ride downstream the Amazon major tributary, the Napo River. And from there on the adventure begins! During the trip our staff members will provide you lunch box and as you enjoy your delicious meal, you will have the chance to see just before you different bird species.

Then, after about a 2 hours trip to along the Napo River, we will get to Napo Wildlife Center welcoming area, where the natives of Kichwa Anangu Community live. From there, we will take a peaceful dugout-canoe along a narrow creek that will lead us to our magical destination, the Napo Wildlife Center, which is located on the banks of the Anangu Lake, a black water lake that is home of different fish species, caimans and the endemic Giant Otters.

Day 2:
On the second day during your stay at the NWC you will have an early buffet breakfast at the lodge restaurant and then visit the Canopy Tower, an experience just like any other! The tower is about 30 minutes away from the lodge within the forest. This 36 meters wooden platform offers you a 360 degrees view of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. It is just impressive and a great opportunity to get a close look at colorful birds such macaws, toucans, and even some monkey species as the Spider or Howler Monkeys that feed up with the fruits they found on the nearby trees.

After our visit to the Canopy Tower we will return to the lodge to have a delicious lunch at the restaurant, we recommend you to ask for a typical Ecuadorian lunch.

In the afternoon, after having some rest at the social areas or rooms of the lodge, we will go for a hiking activity through a marvelous terra-firme forest. You will be amazed of the beautiful flora you will find on the trail, vines, ancient trees, orchids, bromeliads stand out in this natural garden. Also, we will explore the waters of the sourranding creeks where you will have the chance to run into a Giant otter family.

Day 3:
Early in the morning we will get up to visit one of the most incredible nature spectacles you will ever see: the parrot clay licks. The most accessible parrot clay lick is about an hour from the lodge and ten minutes from the community welcome area. Once you get there, hundreds of parrots such as the Amazon-Mealy and the bleu-headed Parrot; parakeets and macaws shown up just before your eyes to feed with the minerals and salts the soil contains.

After our visit to the licks, we will spend time with local people of the Kichwa Anangu community, learning about their daily life activities, routines and ancestral customs and traditions. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in the welcome area.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Interpretative Centre where women of the community will welcome you with dances and typical rituals and typical drinks as “chicha”. It is a nice and interesting activity in which you will learn much more about indigenous rich culture.
Late in the afternoon, back to the lodge you will be welcomed with some drinks and have a delicious dinner.

Day 4:
On this morning we will explore the forest trails of the Amazon jungle to search for more wildlife species such as monkeys, birds, rare insects, reptiles, mammals, etc. The Yasuní National Park is one of the most diverse areas in the World, so you never know which jungle creature will show up! But what we can assure you is that there is a lot to see!

Then, after a long walk we will go back to the lodge to have lunch and rest in the social areas and rooms. In the afternoon, we will continue the adventure at the Napo sourranding creeks to see some aquatic species such as caimans, turtles, fish or the endemic Giant otters, a unique specie of the Amazon Basin.

Late in the afternoon, back to the lodge our staff members will share with you a video about the Napo Wildlife Center and the Kichwa Añangu Community’s history and beginnings.

Day 5:
On your last day at the lodge our staff members will prepare you and the other guests a special farewell breakfast early in the morning. Then, you will go back the way you came to the hotel: a paddle-canoe ride to the NWC welcome area and then navigate on the Napo River to reach the jungle town of Coca.

Birding Tour - 5 days / 4 nights

The Yasuní National Park is a uniquely diverse area that covers over 9,800 quare kilometers of pristine Amazon Rainforest. The park, considered by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve, is home to more than 550 bird species which is about 40% of the bird species of the entire Amazon Basin…think about that. For this reason, the Yasuní National Park is in the must-to-visit places list of amateurs and professional ornithologists and birdwatchers.

Be prepared for the Napo Wildlife Center birding tours and be witness of the beauty and amazing flora and fauna the Amazon Rainforest hides into its forests and creeks.

Day 1:
A short flight over the eastern Andes mountains will take you from Ecuador’s capital city to the jungle town of Coca. At the Coca airport our staff will welcome you and take you to Orellana port, the gateway to the pristine lands of the Ecuadorian Amazonia.

Getting to the Napo Wildlife Center is an adventure itself! A motorized canoe will take us downstream the Napo River until reaching –after about 2 hours– the Napo Wildlife Center welcome station on the banks of Rio Napo. From here you will be transfered to smaller paddle-canoes up the Añangu Creek to finally come upon the Napo Wildlife Center ecolodge located on the banks of the black water Anangu Lake.

Along the way to the lodge you will discover the diversity of the region and see different bird species wuch as hoatzins, kingfishers, herons, etc.

Day 2 to 4 (The days could be extended as required by passenger)
For three days or more (you have the option to extend you days at the lodge) you will have the oppportunity to explore the great diversity of birds of the western Amazonia jungle. The Ecuadorian Amazonia is considered one of the top birdwatching places in the World with more than 500 bird species. Get a feel of the wilderness and complexity of rich habitats surrounding the lodge!

Early in the morning we will visit the Canopy Observation Tower which is one of the top places to see the avifauna of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. This wooden platform of 36 meters high offers a priviledge access see live in the jungle atop the trees. It is a real world apart from the rest of the jungle!. Get a close-up and stunning view of flocks of birds that wander past and through the Canopy tower; oropendolas, tanagers, euphonias, aracaris, cotingas, flycatchers, purpletufts, parrots and macaws glow from the highs and drop by the trees in search of fruits and seeds.

Excursions along the forest trails are also a great opportunity to admire the wilderness of the Amazon jungle, with good chances to see different bird species such as antbirds, toucans, woodcreepers, tinamous, the Black-necked Red Cotinga and the vocally striking Screaming Piha. Visit the parrot clay licks where hundreds of parrots, macaws and parekees gather to obain the minerals contained in the soil that help them to digest the seeds and fruits they feed with. A real nature spectacle!

Enjoy the canoe rides on the Anangu Lake and along he creeks and rivers that surrounds the lodge accompanied by different birds such as silvered and plumbeous Antbirds, herons, the Point-tailed Plamcreeper, Orange-crested Manakin and river birds as the Yellow-billed Tern, the Capped Heron and the Collared Plover. Also, the River Islands of the Napo River are home to a variety of birds including the Black-and-white Antbird, Olide-spotted hummingbird and diferent species of spinetails. Apart from the varied avifauna you will probably see several monkey species and the unique Giant River Otter, a specie original of the Amazon Basin.

The welcoming area of the Napo Wildlife Center, where the local community lives in, is also rich in fauna and flora. Here you may find other numerous bird species such as the Rufous-headed Woodpecker, Swallow-winged Puffbird and the Turquoise and Magpie Tanagers .

Day 5:
On this last day we’ll head back to the jungle town of Coca where you will return to Quito.

Cultural and Adventure Tour - 5 days / 4 nights

Live the Yasuní and Napo Wildlife Center experience visiting exotic places along the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and sharing with the Kichwa Anagu community. Learn about the native ancestral customs and traditions and their rich culture. Be the main protagonist of this untold story in a magical place home to unique wilderness.

Day 1:
Departing from Quito, a 30 minutes flight will take you to the jungle town of Coca. Here the real adventure begins! After landing, our staff members will drive you to the Orellana port where you’ll get on board a motorized canoe that will take us to the welcoming area of the Napo Wildlife Center. During the 2-hours ride you will have the opportunity to see some aquatic birds and nature surrounding the Napo River.

Upon arriving to the Yasuní Kichwa Ecolodge, located in the Kichwa Anangu community, guests are welcomed with a nice and refreshing traditional drink and then shown to their cabins with stunning views of the wilderness and natural gardens bordering the lodge.

In the afternoon, you can join us in a short walk to the Napo riverbank to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beaches and natural islands of the Napo riverbank. Then, we’ll return back to the lodge to have a delicious traditional typical dinner at the restaurant. You are welcome to see how the meals are cooked by the chef since the kitchen area is open to visitors.

Day 2:
(OPTIONAL) We get up early in the morning at 4:30 am before sun rises to participate in one the most ancient customs of the Kichwa Anangu community, making the wayusa tea to energize the body and then follow the ritual of listening to kichwa songs and mind and meditate about life and important issues in a peaceful way.

After a buffet-style breakfast at the restaurant we’ll visit tthe Canopy observation Tower, a place where you’ll experience the life in the jungle atop the trees.
The 36-meter Canopy tower is about 30 minutes from the lodge deep in the forest. A place as any other! Get a close up view of colorful birds such as tanagers, toucans, macaws, parrots, flycatchers and some mokey species as Spider or Howler monkeys that feed with the fruits and seed found in the nearby trees.

After visiting the Canopy tower, we’ll go to the NAPO WILDLIFE CENTER to have a delicious typical Ecuadorian local lunch at the restaurant of the lodge that features a 360° view of the Anangu Lake and surrounding nature. After lunch time, you can choose from the many options the NWC offers you: relaxing on the hammocks, read a book or climbing the dinning room observation tower for birdwatching.

In the afternoon, you’ll go hiking through a stunning terra-firme forest where you will discover the complex ecosystem living in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, vines, orchids, bromeliad, ancient rees and different animals such as insects, spiders, mammals, birds, monkeys, etc. After the hike, you’ll ride on the surrounding creeks on paddle-canoe to explore the aquatic wildlife. Dinner at the lodge at about 7:30pm.

Day 3:
Get up early in the morning to visit the most stunning parrot clay licks in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador!! We’ll paddle downstream on the Anangu creek until reaching the Kichwa Anangu community. Then, after a 10 minutes ride on a motorized canoe we’ll get to the parrot clay licks where hundreds of wonderful colorful birds gather to lick the mineral contained in the soil that help them to digest the fruits and seeds they feed up with.
Then, back to the community welcoming area we’ll go on a short walk to the parakeets clay lick to see hundreds of parakeets atop the trees waiting for the best time to eat the minerals and salt contained in the soil.

Lunch will be served in the welcome are and then, in the afternoon, we’ll visit the Interpretative Centre where you will be welcomed by women of the community. Learn about their customs and traditions at the same time you enjoy from community the typical rituals and dances.
Late in the afternoon, we’ll go back to the Napo Wildlife Center lodge to have dinner and rest for the next day adventure.

Day 4:
This morning we’ll explore the terra-firme and swamp forests of the Tiputini trail in search of more wildlife such as monkeys, snakes, two and three toed sloths, squirrels and exotic plants and trees typical of the Tropical forest.

Then, we’ll go back to the NWC to have lunch and rest in the rooms or the social areas. And in the afternoon, we’ll paddle in the surrounding creeks to explore deeper in the waters of the Amazonia to meet with unique wildlife.

Back to the lodge, after dinner time, our saff members will play a video about the Kichwa Anangu community and the Napo Wildlife Center.

Day 5:
After an early breakfast we’ll go they way we came back to Coca city. In this last excursion upstream the Napo River you may see some new sights of the Amazonia flora and fauna.




Prices are subject to change without prior notice