Galapagos dazzles the world once again

The Galapagos Islands are located in the tenth place of the 25 most spectacular national parks in the world, with amazing landscapes to visit and photograph, in an article published by the magazine Travel the newspaper El País of Spain.

The article written by Elena Sevillano that was published on February 21st, highlights national parks ranging from the lakes of Patagonia, Argentina; To the Ordesa Valley in Spain.

The Galapagos ranks number 10 and among the information it stands out that “in the opinion of the experts is the best preserved volcanic archipelago in the world”, located 1,000 kilometers west of the coast of Ecuador with a group of seven major islands and 14 minors.

“Galapagos National Park occupies 97% of its land surface”
It adds that the Galapagos National Park occupies 97% of its land surface, and that the most representative species is the giant tortoise, but its fauna richness is enormous and treasures many endemic species: petrels, cormorants, Galapagos hawks, Penguins, Terrestrial and marine iguanas. There are 17 species of mammals, 152 of birds, 22 of reptiles and about 2,000 of invertebrates.

The Iguazu National Park (Argentina and Brazil), the Glacier National Park (Argentina), the Torres del Paine National Park (Chile) and the Canaima National Park (Venezuela) are part of this group of 25 representing South America.


Source: Ministerio de Turismo